I’ve been bad at this. I think what might help keep me focused is a goal. So, I’ve decided to make all of SK’s recipes in her blog. There are too many recipes, and too frequent new recipes for me to ever run out of things to do. So hopefully this will keep me in a groove to make things and blog about making them and maybe even reflect on life.

First recipe is gingerbread. (I may alter the title of the recipes, as I don’t want to come up in people’s Google search results when they’re looking for a SK recipe.)


I had all the ingredients in my pantry for this one. The dark brown sugar was hard as a rock, so I had to grate it with a cheese grater. I had some blackstrap molasses leftover from my phase of trying to get rid of my gray hair by consuming a tablespoon of it everyday.

The first time I had gingerbread was at Pastis for brunch, probably over five years ago. It was served warm with whipped cream, and I shared it with Kat. It was amazing – so amazing that I remember this moment this many years later. I didn’t know gingerbread was even a thing at this point – I thought those flavors only came in cookie form.

The flavor of this gingerbread is pretty intense  – I read that it gets better with time, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it more soon. I think I’ll also need to invest in heavy whipping cream. Brunch option for tomorrow?