An Italian restaurant in Park Slope went out of business a few weeks ago, and J and I just happened to walk by as they were selling off everything left in the space. We grabbed some mini gratin dishes (score) and some large, cheap bottles of red wine. $5 for a normal sized bottle, $10 for a gigantic bottle.

So when looking for my next SK recipe, I thought it might be nice to use up some of this red wine. Plus, I had all of the ingredients in my pantry for this one. Voila, red wine chocolate cake.


You may notice that this is a half-size cake. I’ve been doing half-size versions of SK’s cakes because I’ve been on break and did not have an office to which I could bring leftovers. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about bringing all leftovers to the office, so I may continue to do the half-size things.

They’re pretty cute, and perfect for two generous nights of dessert (for two people).

This cake was a great simple chocolate cake that was pretty moist. Usually to get a moist cake you need a really wet batter, but this one was reasonable (i.e., I wasn’t afraid of spilling it). I guess red wine does wonders. This cake – not surprisingly – pairs well with red wine. :o)