The benefit of this challenge is that it forces me to use ingredients that I’ve been meaning to use for years but haven’t yet. For this one, it’s harissa. Because I made this recipe, now I have a tube of harissa. The possibilities are endless.

So harissa carrot salad.


OK, so purple carrots are in season right now and I think they’re pretty. So I bought some. I also bought a white carrot, thinking that purple and white would look nice together. But then I realized purple carrots are similar to beets and turn everything they touch into their color.

Anyway, this recipe is out of sight. So tasty. And because I finally learned to use the grater on my food processor, it took no time at all. Maybe I’ll just use all my remaining harissa on making this over and over again.

I should note that I served this salad with a beet and quinoa salad with my own recipe. Yes, my own recipe. I bought beets with the assumption that of course there are SK beet recipes. How could there not be? Well, there are zero beet recipes on SK. Apparently she doesn’t like them! It made me consider giving up this whole challenge altogether.