While this recipe is a-ma-zing, it led me to find out something that made me sad. This recipe is the final what-I-made-in-Buffalo-for-Christmas series, so I got all my groceries at Wegman’s. I have spent years spreading good words about Wegman’s. I love how they have absolutely everything, how everyone who works there is friendly, how being there is just an all-around pleasant experience.

But then, I wanted to make toasts. I went to Wegman’s bakery section, where they make fresh bread, and I went to pick up a baguette.

It felt weird.

It didn’t feel like a baguette.

I walked around the rest of the bakery section seeing if there was any other bread that might be a baguette. But nope, this bread product was supposed to be the bakery’s baguette. So I picked it up and saw that they had listed the ingredients. There were over ten ingredients, most of which I could not pronounce.

I know this sounds snobby, but I found this HORRIFYING. Wegman’s makes FRESH BREAD all day long. There are FOUR INGREDIENTS in baguettes: flour, water, yeast, and salt. THAT IS IT. Why is it so hard to sell real bread???

I bought the bread anyway and the texture was weird (probably because I eat real bread).


But this shouldn’t take away from the awesome SK recipe for this butternut squash and caramelized onion toasts (with ricotta, of course). The star here is the caramelized onions, which are just so delicious. I could have eaten them on my own.

That’s actually not a bad idea. Jammy onions for the win. Modified bread for the lose.