It was morning. I was simultaneously roasting asparagus to put in my bring-to-work salad and boiling eggs for breakfast. And then I had a thought: isn’t there a SK asparagus deviled egg recipe? And there was. So I quickly checked to make sure I had all the ingredients I needed to make the eggs (I did) and then made some adjustments to the recipe.


Normally the recipe calls for you to cook the the asparagus on the stovetop (I was already in the process of roasting). It also requires you to puree the asparagus. Given that it was morning and I was already on the verge of running late for work, I finely chopped them.

They were delicious (but how could they not be?). They were really not anymore delicious than regular deviled eggs, though.

Note: the matzah featured in this photo was leftover. It was at least not-Passover when I made these.