I read Food52 a lot. It’s become my source for recipes. I trust the content, the commenters, the general curated-for-your-own-good quality of it. It rarely lets me down. You’ll notice that a lot of my recipes start from a Food52 post and then evolve from there.
This recipe comes from Food52, and I supposed is more of a review than me sharing original content. The recipe is Carnival Squash Stuffed with Quinoa, Corn, and French Lentils.

It was pretty tasty, and pretty healthy. I thought the way the squash was cooked was a little odd – I don’t think putting boiling water on the pan is necessary (as you might have seen on a previous post, squash/pumpkins can be cooked in the oven pretty easily).  I also had a lot of leftover innards – made a pretty good next-day lunch.