I finally got my copy of Food52’s Genius Recipes cookbook. It’s so beautiful, and I can already feel it transforming my life by osmosis. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am kind of a big fan of Food52. They motivate me to make as much as possible from scratch, and to try new and creative things.

I’ve tried a few of the Genius recipes that have been posted online, including the cauliflower soup, the chocolate mouse, and the kale salad. Most have been pretty successful. I was intrigued by the chocolate muscovado banana bread/cake recipe in the book, and thus it was made.


My parents and husband seemed to like it a lot, but I find them to be a biased source. I think I may need to give it another try with riper bananas. Maybe also more bananas. It felt too flour-y and not banana-y enough for me. I am a big plan of the use of dark sugar and chocolate, however. I assume that more of these recipe-tester posts will follow with due time.