So, Christmas came and went. It was a great opportunity to make some SK recipes. I made five of them, which I’ll spread out into different posts as I get time to write about them.

First up is chocolate macaroons. No fancy camera with me in Buffalo, so I just have iPhone photos over the next few days. Macaroons are a great, easy gluten-free cookie option.


Mine really don’t look pretty. Which makes me think I should invest in one of those little ice cream scooper thingies so I can plop cookie dough in perfect, even balls on the baking sheet. Note to self.

These were pretty tasty – very fudgy and moist, and a lot better than my usual macaroon recipe (Alton Brown’s), so I think I’ll stick to this one in the future. With this recipe and the others, though, there is a slight aftertaste that I just don’t like. I’m thinking it might be the sweetened coconut flakes themselves. I will also note to self to try to find better tasting sweetened coconut.