OK – I thought that the amaretti cookie was going to be the last Christmas cookie for this SK challenge (in 2015), but then I remembered I also made snowballs but didn’t take a picture of them. Whoops.


Above are the amaretti cookies (on top of the macaroons from the previous post). They were definitely the loser of this year’s Christmas cookie hall. I adjusted the recipe to have less sugar in them based on the comments, but even with that they were kind of over-sweet, but also just tasted like straight almond paste. Even with the raspberry jam in the middle. Just not special, nor cookie-like.

The snowballs, however, were great. I had been using Paula Dean’s recipe for the past few years (also good), but these take so much less time in the oven. Snowballs are great – buttery, sugary, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Only change I made to SK’s version was to roll them in powdered sugar one more time – a necessary step in ensuring that the cookies are evenly coated.

Next post will finally move on to the savory SK recipes I made for Christmas eve.